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Branson Party Rentals Help Center


We strive to provide our customers with clear initial information and pricing to ensure no detail is left behind. Our Initial Onsite or Phone Consultations(Great for out of State Customers) are Free! We will go over as many details as possible at your initial consultation to provide you an itemized quote for any items needed. (Off-Site Consultation Fees Apply)

Floral Design

You can also get quotes for your Event Floral needs at your Initial Consultation! All Floral Items needed will be combined into one itemized estimate. Setup and Teardown Services are required to be executed by our Design Team, so you can sit back, Relax,  and enjoy your special day!

Delivery & Pickup

Delivery & Pickup are a required service at a low rate for our customers. The Fee will differ depending on Distance traveled. Products will be delivered within 10 feet of the nearest location that is accessible with Delivery Vehicle. If Products are required past 10 foot of dropoff location additional fee's will be insured. Setup and Teardown are not included in our Delivery/Pickup Service. All items must be returned to dropoff Location for pickup. Dropoff & Pickup Times will be determined at the time final counts are due.

Setup & Teardown

Setup & Teardown Services may be added on as an additional fee. These cost will be determined by the following items at final consultation with client:

1) How many team members are required

2) Setup and Teardown Times.

3) Complexity of Setup/Teardown

Dinnerware Rentals

Dinnerware Rentals are a great way to add an elegant finished touch to your Event. Dinnerware will be delivered Clean, Sanitized and ready for use. We require that all dinnerware is rinsed and placed back into containers, they were delivered in, ready for pickup by the Branson Party Rentals Team.

Tent Installation

Client must be present for tent Installation!

Our Team is required to install our tent products.  An underground locate must be preformed before tent Installation.( Please note: any owner installed electric, sewer, water, cable lines etc. will not be located by this service. Property Owner is responsible for locating/marking any secondary lines.) Tent Installation time may change without warning due to any impending Weather Conditions. Client will be notified of any install/teardown time changes.A separate form will be sent with each tent booking that will explain this procedure in detail.

How To Reserve Items

After you have received you initial quote, we will requite 50% retainer and a signed agreement. This will secure your booking and hold those items for your Event Date. We charge a 3% Credit Usage Fee. This can be avoided if paid by Check/Cash.

Final Counts and Payment

Final counts and payment are due 3 weeks out. Final Order can be increased as much as needed as long as inventory is available , but only decreased 10%. Tent Products may not be removed from order once they are initially reserved. Final Payment is due 3 weeks before Event along with final counts.

Tent Permitting

Tent Permitting may be required in city limits. Tent Permit fees differ with each city and will be added to your invoice.Tent Permit will be obtained by Branson Party Rentals Rental.

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